Why Round the Mark?

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Tony Spadaro principal of Round the Mark Marketing has a track record of demonstrated achievement backed by 26 years of excellence in Marketing, Business Development, Sales, and
Research and Development. This experience covers a wide range of medical disciplines including: Infection Control, Radiology, Cardiology, Anesthesia and more. He has the skill sets you need to creatively lead your marketing and business efforts.
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Round The Mark Marketing forms an intimate partnership between itself and your marketing and business objectives.

It is this personal link that assures a high degree of communication and alignment of goals and objectives. This alignment has been the traditional reason for in-house marketing functions. You attain this important relationship without overhead or headcount.

Round The Mark Marketing works with you to develop a clear picture of the market situation…

then develops a creative set of strategies, plans and expectations. These expectations are developed into metrics that are used to measure success.
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Round The Mark Marketing uses the latest techniques in assessing the market and strategy development.
Techniques may include, but not limited to:

Blue Ocean Strategy Techniques*
Marketing Plan on A Page, Strategy, Tactics and Metrics**
Ed De Bonos’ 6 Hat Analysis and Creative Approaches to Lateral Thinking
• Working with Qualified Providers of Strategic and Tactical Resources

*Blue Ocean Strategy W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, 2005
**Eliminating Complexity in Market Planning, Marketing Leadership Council, 2006
The Marketing Council

Round The Mark Marketing is creating a Council of Independent Marketers who can be called upon to meet special and unique client requirements. Working with Round the Mark, council membership assures that you receive qualified, creative, and accountable marketing support.
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Core Values guide performance

• Working From Solid Marketing and Business Practices
• Providing Exceptional Creativity and Expertise
• Delivering On-Time and On-Budget Successful Results
• Performing with Integrity and Generating Fun

Why Round The Mark Marketing?

In sailing, each leg of a race is defined by a direction and a turning point called a mark. Whether in sailing or business, winning the race depends on successfully rounding each mark with just the right tack to keep you ahead of the competition Round The Mark Marketing is about successfully round each mark when your are:

• Starting a New Business
• Launching a New Product
• Needing Additional Marketing Support
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