“I worked with Tony on several different marketing and sales promotional projects and programs for close to 20 years. My expereince with Tony is that he is very strategic and uniquely thoughtful in marketing solutions always bringing new, unexpected ideas to the challenges we worked on together. Working with Tony has always been and continues to be a great pleasure. If you have an opportunity to work with Tony, I would thoroughly recommend the experience for you. I know Tony Spadaro to always deliver on what he promises.”
-Richard Smith,
President, ImageSmith
“Tony Spadero is a highly skilled Trainer. He engages the audience in an upbeat interactive presentation style with clear knowledge of his subject material.”
-Jean Turner,
Sales Development Manager, BD
“Tony provided valuable contributions to multiple platform objectives, related to regional anesthesia trays. He has provided functional product & marketing management for regional trays, aligned with the overall platform team goals. Tony has a passion for the business and demonstrates a commitment to the success of the platform. He has a solid understanding of the market environment and enthusiastically looks for new opportunities to accelerate growth in the product line. He is highly engaged in monitoring market environment and customer needs; proactive in implementing VoC / customer research to analyze key trends & the associated implications. Tony manages big picture well and works toward achieving business goals. He leverages differences in thinking or concepts to enhance performance. Enjoys working with a wide variety of people and open to diverse styles of thinking across global regions.”
-Mike Ferrara,
Senior Business Director, BD Medical
"I have worked directly and indirectly with Tony Spadaro for over 15 years at Becton Dickinson and Company. Tony Spadaro is an experienced and proven marketer. He has demonstrated the ability to review market conditions, assess products and provide strategic direction. While working directly for me, Tony has used these skills in successfully identifying, developing and launching programs that aggressively maintained a 75% market position for a $45 million antimicrobial product line. He is a well rounded individual who works well as an individual contributor, team member or team leader. He is experienced in product development, product management and communications. Tony is energetic and has a strong work ethic. I have truly enjoyed working with Tony and watching his successes over the years."
-Tony Kosinski,
Senior VP Flush Products, BD
"As Senior Marketing Manager for Anesthesia, Tony did an outstanding job of managing a complex, global business with over 400 SKUs. His understanding of customer needs and his passionate representation of the customer were a valuable resource that helped drive an intelligent, well thought out decision making process. Tony has the courage to speak his mind even when his views may be unpopular while still being an exceptional team player. He is willing to consider all view points before making a decision. He is a very creative person and applies that creativity to product development, communication and promotion as well as maximizing the productivity of the resources at his disposal. He is a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally."
-Conrad Boyle,
Program Manager, Becton Dickinson